M1D18: Bits and Pieces of Computer Networking

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Five Network Layers The TCP provides mechanisms to ensure that data is reliably delivered. The Physical Layer is the first layer of the TCP/IP Five-layer network model. Data Link Layer – layer in the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) model is responsible for defining a common way to interpret signals so network devices can communicate … Read More

M1D17: Technical Support Fundamentals

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Glossary Abstraction: To take a relatively complex system and simplify it for our use Algorithm: A series of steps that solves specific problems ASCII: The oldest character encoding standard used is ASCII. It represents the English alphabet, digits, and punctuation marks Binary system: The communication that a computer uses is referred to as binary system, … Read More

M1D16: Codeacademy | CSS Grid Layout

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Introduction to Grids Using CSS, you can elegantly lay out elements on a web page. The Box Model and Display and Positioning explain some possible ways to style layout. The grid can be used to layout entire web pages. Whereas Flexbox is mostly useful for positioning items in a one-dimensional layout, CSS grid is most useful for two-dimensional layouts, providing many tools for … Read More

CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet – Codeacademy

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CSS Flexbox The CSS display: flex property sets an HTML element as a block level flex container which takes the full width of its parent container. Any child elements that reside within the flex container are called flex items. Flex items change their size and location in response to the size and position of their parent container. … Read More

CSS Grid Cheatsheet – Codeacademy

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Grid Template Columns To specify the number of columns of the grid and the widths of each column, the CSS property grid-template-columns is used on the grid container. The number of width values determines the number of columns and each width value can be either in pixels(px) or percentages(%). fr Relative Unit The CSS grid relative sizing … Read More