Day 50 – Solving Quadratics by Factoring


We’re asked to solve for s.

This is a quadratic equation.

The best way to solve this as it’s equal to 0 is to factor the left-hand side, and then think about the fact that those binomials that you factor into, that they have to be equal to 0.

There’s also a shortcut if you have 1 as coefficient – s2.

1 – Things about numbers that would be equal to -2 when added, but -35 when multiplied.


2 – Now we group it.


3 – Now we have two terms with (s+5) as a factor, undistributing s+5.


4 – Now, either or both these two terms is/are equal to 0.


The Formula


Following the formula above, we can just do straight:


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