Month 1 Day 16

I feel like I am making progress on my Advanced CSS. I am still to finish the Codeacademy Lesson, then proceed with Scrimba to finish them all. I am taking multiple courses on this, because I wanted to watch different approaches. I take my Udacity Frontend Challenge, which I am still waiting for the final assessment. I also take Coursera’s Meta Frontend. Then Teamtreehouse’ Frontend, which is my favorite among all these. Next is Scrimba’s Frontend which is my second favorite. Then Codeacademy, because of the fundamentals and coding exercise. I think Codeacademy is not for everyone. The lessons are very concise. It has too much reading, and though it’s full with hands-on activities, I think the idea is still similar with Freecodecamp, which the guide is great but too much spoonfeeding.

Anyway, I finished my Grid Layout lessons from Teamtreehouse yesterday and published M1D15: CSS Grid Layout Part 4 then I started Codeacademy’s CSS Grid today and published M1D16: Codeacademy | CSS Grid Layout. I also published a couple of cheatsheets I got from Codeacademy – CSS Flexbox Cheatsheet – Codeacademy and CSS Grid Cheatsheet – Codeacademy. I also completed another pen on Codepen for my Codeacademy practice activity on CSS Grid.

I’ll be back to work tomorrow, and will continue Code Academy’s Advanced CSS Grid.

1 more month I will be on Sabbatical! 😊 

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