M1D1: Getting Started

Today is my official day of my dedicated 6-month journey. And though I already started like 2-3 years ago in this learning journey, I have not been consistent. I thought I could fully commit myself if I would document this.

Today, I was able to finish Introduction to Frontend Development by Meta on Coursera. I thought this could be a good course for real beginners, but my feeling is somewhat sometimes too basic and boring, or sometimes too concise that I sometimes found myself, where did it come from? Anyway, I also realize that my Financial Aid from Coursera is only good for one course, and not for the entire specialization. The reason why I focused on this is to sync it with my JavaScript learning on Codeacademy. The next course is suppose to be JavaScript. Now I have to pause on this. I just sent my financial aid application for the remaining courses.

In the past year, I think I have taken more fundamentals than actual hands on lessons. I compare this learning with Mathematics. I need to actually do the computation in order to learn. I have been looking at this Frontend Path from Scrimba. I am starting this tomorrow.

I really like Codeacademy, but the whole only reading, and wall of texts could be boring at times, so I wanted to take it along with video courses. I will touch it back once I got any of this Frontend path starts Jabascript.

I am also noting here some Udemy courses specific to WP dev here, which I will be taking later on:

  1. Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power With Code
  2. Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress and React Developers [2022]
  3. Complete WordPress Developer Course 2023 – Plugins & Themes

Things I believe I need to learn more:

  1. Bootstrap
  2. React

I have work tomorrow, and the kids have to go to school. I will aim to spend at least an hour in the morning, and an hour in the evening for my studies. Good night!

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