Been Hiatus

I have been away for a while.

Yes, this is one of the main challenge of learning for adults, at least at age late 30s and beyond. There are just a lot of other responsibilities in life that need to be attended. There are times, when I would think through this again and again if I should still do this. Should I?

I already have a job, and earning more than enough. However, this is something that I left undone decades ago, and one of my biggest motivation is to see my mother looking at me in that graduation gown. She’s old now, and so am I.

Anyway, been busy of some personal stuff – health, kids, family, etc.

I am already on my sabbatical leave, and I thought I would have much more time to study, but seems like I was wrong.

The good news is I got in to the second phase of Udacity’s Front End Development Nanodegree Course. This would be a huge savings for me. And some miracle also happened, and it seems like I could finally enroll to University of London for April term this year. I am so excited for this.

Some checklist for me that I wanted to finish ASAP, as I need to sync my learning all across platforms with my Udacity Nanodegree:

I wanted to finish all these above before April 2, so I could sync my learning with my Udacity Nanodegree. I have pending project due on April 14. I wanted to start Javascript simultaneously.

Then for my upcoming April 2023 intake:

It feels like I put too much on my plate, but let’s see.

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