M1D11: CSS Grid Layout

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Difference between Flexbox and Grid Flexbox – one dimensional. It aligns content and distributes space along a single axis, either a row or a column. Grid – two dimensional. Lets you control the sizing, positioning, and spacing of rows and columns at the same time. When you declare a grid both the main and cross … Read More

M1D10: CSS Flexbox Part 3

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This is now the fourth course on CSS Flexbox I am taking. I first took the one from Udacity, then from Scrimba, and yesterday from Treehouse. So far, my top recommended is Scrimba for more hands-on approach, and Per did a really great job on simplifying the explanation even for complex topics. Then I recommend … Read More

M1D9: CSS Flexbox Part 2

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This would be the third course I’d be taking for CSS Flexbox. I really liked the one from Scrimba so far, compared with the one from Udacity.com. I think Per did a really great job on structuring the course, and delivering it (This is speaking from a trainer ad instructor’s perspective.) This third course I … Read More

M1D8: CSS Flexbox

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Container and flex items. The flex items and container can be different elements as long as they are direct children of the flex container. In order to display the container in flex layout, add the flex display in the CSS. display: flex; – automatically lines up the elements (flex items) horizontally. In the example above, … Read More


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Display and Positioning: Z-index The z-index CSS property can be used to specify the z-order of these overlapping elements. Overlapping elements with a larger z-index cover those with a smaller one. I need to understand Z-index more. To watch: Additional Topics on CSS For more information on CSS background images, see the MDN documentation here. For … Read More