M1D12: CS50 C

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source code – code that you the human programmer write. Computers understand information represented by binary or machine code. There will be letters, numbers, and instructions. Compiler compiler – convert source code in machine code. A compiler is a special program that translates a programming language’s source code into machine code, bytecode or another programming language. … Read More

CS50 – Scratch Project

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I finally managed to complete my Scratch Project for CS50. It took me almost two weeks to work on this. I think I kind of planned something really complex for me. This was not my original plan. I initially planned to have three levels with three level opponents. However, everything seemed to tedious, like making … Read More

M1D3: CS50 Lecture 0 – Scratch | Part 2

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Event – something graphical or interactive which happens in a computer program. Arguments or Parameters – input to a function that modifies the behaviour Hello, World! (input) → Say (Algorithm) → cat with speech bubbles (Output) Input is the argument, algorithm is a function, and the output is the side effect Return value – a … Read More

M1D3: CS50 Lecture 0 – Scratch | Part 1

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“What ultimately matters is where you end up relative to yourself when you began.“ David Malan Computational Thinking – application of ideas from Computer Science Computer Science – a big part of it is programming. Study of information. Problem Solving – → Input → output Unary – simple system of using single symbol, like numbers … Read More