Ch 1 – O’Reilly’s Learning Web Design – Website Style Guide Resources

Authoring/markup (HTML)

  • process of preparing content for delivery on the web page, or more specifically, marking up the content with HTML tags that describe it’s content and function
  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language) authoring language used to create web page documents
  • HTML is not a programming language; it is a markup language, which means it is a system for identifying and describing the various components of a document. 

Styling (CSS)

  • Describe how that content should look. 
  • Presentation – the way the page looks

JavaScript and DOM scripting

  • Scripting language that adds interactivity and behaviours to web pages 
  • DOM (Document Object Model)  – standardized list of web page elements that can be accessed and manipulated using JavaScript (or another programming language)

JavaScript Framework

  • React, Bootstrap, Angular, and others
  • Automate a lot of the production process

AJAX – Asynchronous JavaScript And XML

  • A technique used to load content in the background, allowing the page to update smoothly without reloading 

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