Month 1 – Day 2

It’s been a very busy day for me. I will be on long leaves for the holidays in 2 weeks, so I am trying to do as much as I could at work.

I was able to continue Codeacademy’s Frontend today. I am really getting bored with the HTML and Intro to web stuff, but have to start from the start with these courses.

I received an email today from EDX that my application for financial assistance for MITx Computational Thinking was approved. It’s starting in January, 2023. I wanted to finish my CS50 before that date.

I am still waiting for my approval Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java and I think my personal curriculum should be complete.

I was able to watch CS50 2022 today, as well.

A lot of things going on in the other aspects of my life these days, and focusing on my learning has been a struggle. I wish I could clear my mind for a few hours and just focus on what I am doing. It’s not easy to study while the personal life goes along the way. I sometimes realize why I should have just listened to my parents and focused on my studies when I still could. But no turning back now.

I hope to finish some assignments from CS50 tomorrow.

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